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CM-Clear PRCD-Clear HNPK-Clear DM-Clear EIC-Clear Koda is a go-getter she will retrieve and swim as long as you will let her. She is a sweet girl who loves to play with kids and is easy going.


Eic-Clear DM-Clear Cnm-Clear Prcd-PRA: Clear CY- Clear She will be a future mom in 2021. She is a yellow female with a ton of energy. She loves to swim and fetch and play with anyone or any dog that comes along. She is going to be a very big baby.


EIC: clear CNM: clear Hips: Elbows:LR-EL91227F32-VPI (NORMAL) Marley is a beautiful dark yellow sweet baby. She loves to swim and fetch and be right beside you. She had a great temperament. She loves to play with children.


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EIC: Clear CNM: Clear Hips: Fair ( No sign of hip dysplasia) OFA # LR-244422F46f-VPI Elbow: Normal (No evidence of Elbow Dysplasia) OFA # LR-EL93508F46-VPI Rogean is a sweet loving baby who loves to be right by yourr side¬†She is a big beautiful white lab with hints of yellow and weighs 96 pounds. She loves… Read more »


EIC: ClearCNM: ClearHips: GoodElbow: Normal Sadie is our big gently baby. She is a white and yellow lab. she weighs about 90 lbs she loves to hunt, fetch and swim. She is very easy to train and loves to play. She has an easy going attitude.


EIC: ClearCNM: ClearHips: Good (LR-223462G28-PI)Elbow: Normal (LR-EL75132F28-PI) Missy is our big black lab. She weighs about 80 lbs she loves to hunt, fetch and swim. She is very easy to train and loves to play. Missy loves to be around you and will sit in your lap to cuddle.


EIC: clear    CNM: clear Hips: Good Elbow: Normal Prcd-PRA: Clear D-locus dilution gene: Clear Foxy is our beautiful fox red baby. She weighs 95 lbs.  She is full of life and loves to play, swim and fetch. Foxy loves to be right beside you.