Category: Puppy Information

Getting your puppy use to water and swimming

If you want your puppy to get use to water start them off when they are very young. You can buy a kiddie pool and let them wade around in the pool with a little bit of water in it till they are comfortable. You can get in the pool to encourage them or put… Read more »

Full Registration vs Limited Registration

I have had a lot of people ask what the difference is between Limited Registration and Full Registration! Well first the puppy if it is bought from us is sold with AKC Papers and you can register that puppy. The next thing you need to know, are you planning on breeding the dog? Limited Registration… Read more »

How Much to Feed a Puppy

A puppy should be feed multiple times a day. The amount and the number of feeding depends on the age and the weight of a puppy. Keep in mind that you want to stick with puppy food until the dog is a year old because of all the nutrients the puppy food has. By the… Read more »