Getting your puppy use to water and swimming

If you want your puppy to get use to water start them off when they are very young. You can buy a kiddie pool and let them wade around in the pool with a little bit of water in it till they are comfortable. You can get in the pool to encourage them or put their favorite toy in the pool. Sometimes having another dog around that they love to follow will encourage them to get in the water also.

Once they are use to the little pool and you want to try a pond or swimming pool it is best to put them on a check cord or life vest. Make sure prior to swimming that the puppy or dog is use to the check cord or life vest. You can throw a favorite toy or ball in the shallow part of the water to start off to see how comfortable they are in the water. Some dogs take naturally to the water while others will need a little more encouragement and help. Please do not get discouraged just keep practicing and it will click with them. Some dogs it just takes a little longer than others.

Oakley getting use to water

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