How Much to Feed a Puppy

A puppy should be feed multiple times a day. The amount and the number of feeding depends on the age and the weight of a puppy. Keep in mind that you want to stick with puppy food until the dog is a year old because of all the nutrients the puppy food has. By the time the puppy is eight weeks old he or she should be eating dry puppy food.You should feed your puppy four times a day during 2-3 months old. By the time they are three months old you can feed them three times a day. When they are six months and older it is good to feed them two times a day.

Feeding puppies table scrap

Most vets do not like owners feeding their pets table scraps. There are a number of reason why it is not great to do so. First, if you feed a puppy table scraps instead of dog food they will start to not want the puppy food anymore. Also the puppy will start to beg for food and lay around under the table to wait for food to be dropped. The table scraps are not a healthy diet for a growing puppy and he or she will miss out on the nutrients they need. The table scraps are high in fats and will create health problems for your dog later on in life.

Switching from puppy food to adult dog food

Switching from puppy food to adult dog food should be done over a period of days. The slower the switch the more that your dog will adjust just fine to it. You should do half and half of the puppy food and dog food for a couple of days. By doing this it gives your dogs stomach time to adjust to the food, and also makes sure that they are not allergic to the food.

Our beautiful babies at meal time

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